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If you are looking to get a custom design & development done on Editor X, search no more. Meet Editor X Elements, the Editor X agency with many Editor X Experts behind.

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Editor X Design & Development Agency

All the templates designed by Editor X Elements offer the best design & development standards, as everything is produced in-house by a team of Editor X Experts.

Premium Design Editor X Templates

Premium design

We design websites that not just have a premium and modern design, but also communicate the right brand message and help you drive more leads and conversions.

Editor X Responsive Templates

Pixel perfect responsive

Over half of all internet users in 2021 are browsing from mobile, that's why we always optimize our client websites to have a pixel-perfect responsive design.

Editor X Templates Speed Optimization

Speed optimized

Never lose a client again due to a slow website speed. All our websites on Editor X are optimized even to the smallest detail to have a lightning fast speed.

Editor X CMS

Editor X CMS

We always build taking advantage of Editor X CMS, so dynamic pages can be easily created and maintained, resulting in having a more scalable, yet easy to manage website.

Editor X Modular Templates

Flexible design

All our Editor X projects are 100% modular, meaning that you can easily copy, paste and re-arrange blocks to easily create new pages without any technical knowledge.

Customizable Editor X Templates

Integrations & automations

Our experience goes beyond Editor X. We can help you with advanced website integrations so you can gain as much leverage as possible through smart automations.

Editor X Animations

Beautiful Animations

All the pages and sections in our Editor X custom websites feature beautiful animations. Your visitors will be surprised as they browse through your website.

Editor X Templates Updates

Built for Scalability

Moving fast is core for modern startups. That is why we always build with scalability in mind, so you can easily make website updates as the business keeps growing.

Editor X Experts

Editor X Experts

We had used Editor X since it was in closed beta back in 2020, so we have a vast amount of experience, and can help you get your project done from zero to one.

A simple process to create great websites on Editor X

No stress. We will guide you by hand through our 4 step-process to complete your website.

1. Idea

We meet with you an your team to understand and scope out your website project. Once everything is clear, we send you a detailed proposal and action plan.

Editor X Agency Design

2. Design

Once you accept the proposal, we start with the design phase. We create a one-to-one design mockup of your website, and once ready, continue with the revisions.

Editor X Elements Development

3. Development

Once the design is approved, we go into development. On this phase, we do a one-to-one dev build on Editor X based on the design you previously approved.

Editor X Agencies

4. Launch & Training

Once all is completed, we schedule a 1.5h training with you and your team to learn the basics of Editor X, as well as help you with the launch of the new website.

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Endless integration possibilities with Editor X

Thanks to modern automation tools, we can help you integrate Editor X with pretty much anything. Whether if you want to send your form submits to HubSpot, or to send a Slack message everytime a new lead is submitted, or pretty much anything else, don't worries, we got you covered.

Editor X Agency Integrations

Our Past Work

Browse our work portfolio on Editor X

Looking to create a stunning website for your new tech startup? Launch it as easy as 1, 2, 3 using our Tech template on Editor X.

If you are looking to create a simple, yet professional and world-class website for your agency, this is the template for you.

Looking to boost your personal brand? Using Personal Editor X Template you can create an amazing personal website.

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

Editor X Agency FAQs

Have questions? We have answers. Check the most common questions we receive about Editor X development and pricing.

Editor X Elements was officially initiated back in July 2020 when Editor X open beta was announced. However, our team has been designing and developing websites since 6+ years ago (Jan 2015).
Editor X is a pretty new web design & development tool, so it is hard to find average prices for an Editor X website, however, based on our past costs, a classic website (5 to 10 pages) design & development on Editor X can be in the range of $10,000 to $20,000 USD.

Every project is different, so it's hard to give an exact development time for a website on Editor X, however, Editor X is known for it's agile framework of development, meaning that it would be much faster than traditional tools such as WordPress or Drupal.


Based on our past projects, we can say that a classic website (5 to 10 pages) design & development on Editor X can take between 3 and 6 weeks.

Editor X maintenance costs are pretty accessible. Depending on the Editor X plan you are on, you would be paying between $22 and $219 USD per month.

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